Intimidator 750

The Intimidator 750 is a hard working UTV.  However, it will give you not only amazing performances and working characteristics, but also amazingly high level of comfort and plenty of other benefits. This model comes as one of the most interesting side by side in the class. It features a solid steel frame construction. It is strong and capable for various tasks. Besides that, you also get great comfort. This includes spacious cabin, car-like seating and many other things. Riding experience is just amazing with this model. It goes smoothly, and it is also very easy to operate. Also, it comes available in many variants. There are various body configurations, with plenty of accessories etc.

Intimidator 750 design

Intimidator 750 front viewDesign of Intimidator 750 is just amazing. When you look at this UTV, it is clear that there is almost no hard work that can’t be done. It comes with solid steel frame. This provides high dose of strength and rigidity. You will also find that this UTV looks very attractive. It is available in different body styles. There is a classic configuration as base offer. If you need a space for additional passengers, there is a Crew model with two rows of seats. Finally, there is a Truck model. This model comes with huge cargo box. Cargo bed is manual, but it comes with gas assist. Depending on which type of body you choose, its capacity could go up to 1200 pounds. When it is about other capacities, 750 can tow around 2100 pounds. On the other side, max payload capacity is 1600 pounds, which is amazing result.

Intimidator 750 interior and performances

Intimidator 750 01As we already mentioned, Intimidator 750 design offers not only great performances but also amazing comfort. It comes with extremely comfortable car-like bucket seats. Cabin is very spacious and there will be enough space even for tallest passengers. There are also many accessories that will put convenience on even higher level. When it comes to performances, this model is powered by a 750cc Kohler engine. It is air-cooled and features electric fuel injection and electric starter. Transmission is automatic CVT, which comes with low, high, neutral, reverse and park gears. It delivers power either to rear or all wheels. Max speed is around 35 mph, while fuel capacity is around 9 gallons.

Intimidator 750 warranty

Another great thing about Intimidator 750 is warranty. This model comes with 1-year bumper-to-bumper and three-year engine and complete powertrain warranty.

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