Club car XRT800

Pretty much all of the light duty side by side vehicles are limited in many aspects, but Club car XRT800 is designed to offer much more. Small in size, but large when it comes to benefits. That is the philosophy of company’s engineers. This model will be excellent for many purposes, and you can use it on farm, on your property, around the neighborhood etc. It will serve well both for fun and for the works such as gardening, towing and similar things. The Club car XRT800 is a class leader in many aspects, which should be on of main reasons for purchasing.

Club car XRT800 design and features

Club car XRT800 front viewThe Club car XRT800 is a light duty UTV, which besides small dimensions offers many benefits. It is so small that you can place it into the bed of pickup truck. These small dimensions provide many other benefits, such as going through tight roads and similar things. Wheelbase is 67 inches, while overall length is only 100 inches. Ground clearance is only 5 inches, which should provide excellent stability. Although it is small, if comes with decent size of cargo bed, which is over 11 inches deep. Total capacity of the bed is around 300 pounds. This bed is constructed of high density rotomolded plastics and also comes with things like integrated bed slots for dividers. The Club car XRT800 comes with two-seat configuration. It comes with amazing things such as limited differential slip, which significantly improves traction, which is excellent for things such as climbing, steering etc. When it is about instrumentation, XRT800 features a fuel gauge, low oil warning, hour meter etc. It is worth to mention that this model comes with halogen headlights as standard feature.

Club car XRT800 rear viewClub car XRT800 engine and performances

The Club car XRT800 is small, but fast and powerful. It is powered by a 404cc engine designed by Subaru, which also features electric fuel injection. Total power is around 14 horsepower. If you add to this vehicles very light aluminum construction, it is no wonder that this machine can go up to 17 miles per hour. Overall vehicle’s capacity is around 800 pounds, which fuel tank capacity is 4.6 gallons.

Club car XRT800 price

The Club car XRT800 is also characterized by very approachable price. Base model will cost you around 7.000 dollars.

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