Case IH Scout

The Case IH Scout will give you excellent working performances, but also plenty of fun. With powerful engine that delivers plenty of horses and torque, this model offers amazing working capabilities, but also high level of comfort. It is a product of well-known and highly reputable manufacturer, which is known for all kinds of agro machines, such as tractors, harvesters etc. When it is about UTVs, there are Scout series, there are two model, which are highly configurable and available in many variants, with petrol and diesel engines. This is a base model, which is available only with petrol engine, and comes with plenty of benefits and amazing features.

Case IH Scout design and features

Case IH Scout front viewThe Case IH Scout is a hard working machine. It comes with hard construction. It is strong and rigid enough for any kinds of terrains, and various kinds of tasks. Despite its main purpose as working machine, it also has high level of comfort. This model comes with one-row bench configuration, which although simple, offers high level of comfort and nice ergonomics. Interior is very comfortable, and offers plenty of space both for rider and passenger. The Case IH Scout comes with car-like dashboard and controls. Driving is very easy, thanks to easy-to-use hand levers, for differential locks and 4WD/2WD controls. Great characteristics of this UTV are also amazing storage capacities. This particular model comes with cargo bed that has capacity of 425 pounds. There are also other storage places such as glove box, or additional under-hood storage place, where you can also put plenty of things. The Case IH Scout also features a 12V power outlet, which lets you to plug in your GPS, air compressor, MP3 player etc.

Case IH Scout rear viewCase IH Scout engine and performances

Unlike other UTVs from these series, Case IH Scout comes only with gas engine. it is a 480cc air-cooled V-twin engine. It has max output of 14 horsepower. When it comes to statistics, it is about 8 percent horses more than competition. This engine is paired with wide ratio CVT transmission, which provides great speed at lower gears, and also nice acceleration. All these amazing characteristics of Scout come without sacrificing fuel economy.

Case IH Scout price

The Case IH Scout goes around 15.000 dollars.

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