With its small dimensions and user-friendly characteristics, BMS UTV 150 will definitely be perfect for young rides and other beginners. It is a production from a reputable manufacturer, which is known for excellent products of various types. This particular model comes with plenty of amazing benefits. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is very easy to use, but there are also many other amazing things. This model comes with efficient and durable 150cc engine, it comes with comfortable cabin, new instrument panel and many other things. It is also very customizable. There are many color choices and plenty of accessories available.

BMS UTV 150 design

The BMS UTV 150 is designed primarily for young drivers. It comes in small package, when it comes to dimensions. Despite this fact, this is a high-quality UTV, which comes with plenty of great features. First thing that you will notice is that this UTV has a surprisingly attractive styling. This model definitely looks way better than most of its competitors. It comes with sharp lines and aerodynamic stance. There are also many great details like dual-halogen headlights, roof lights, beautiful black wheels etc. The BMS UTV 150 also comes with nice cargo bed, with decent capacity.

BMS UTV 150 front viewBMS UTV 150 features

There are many great features that you can find on this model. We would like to mention some of most notable. For example, this model comes with adjustable driver’s seat. The UTV 150 features a full windshield and safety nets from a side. Inside, you will also find a new instrument panel, which combines analog and manual gauges. There is a rack & pinion steering system. There is also a sun screen canopy. So, you get plenty of features with this small UTV. There are also many colors in offer. Some of them are Green Camo, White Camo, Yellow Camo, Scorpion, Spider Red, Spider Black, Burgundy etc.

BMS UTV 150 engine

The BMS UTV 150 feature a simple but efficient 149.6cc air-cooled engine. This engine is good for about 8.5 horses, and comes in pair with automatic CVT transmission. It comes with air and oil combined cooling system. This amount of power is definitely more than enough for beginners, but also enough for some more experience riders too.

BMS UTV 150 rear viewBMS UTV 150 price

The BMS UTV 150 has a starting price of  3300 dollars.

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