BMS Avenger 150

If you need a side by side in a small pack, BMS Avenger 150 could be just perfect choice for you. This small UTV is a product of well-known company, which is known for excellent off-road machines. Best-known side by side model from this manufacturer is Ranch Pony, but this model is very popular too. It suits  primarily to youngsters and non-experienced rides, but many others could find thin machine useful, because of its great characteristics. It feature reliable engine, enough space for two adults and even a small cargo spaces. Pretty much amazing, when you look at dimensions of BMS Avenger 150.

BMS Avenger 150 design and features

BMS Avenger 150 front viewAs we already mentioned, BMS Avenger 150 is designed primarily for younger riders. Because of that, this small UTV features wider wheelbase, to provide more safety. This model is well-made, and it is strong enough to complete many tasks. It also features beautiful styling. You will find sharp lines, aerodynamic shape, plenty of lighting, attractive black wheels etc. The Avenger 150 also comes with plenty of equipment inside. There are two seats, large enough for two adult passengers. However, there is even an Avenger Max variant, which comes a little bit bigger, with mode space inside. Driver’s seat is adjustable. The Avenger 150 features an instrument panel which combines digital and analog elements. It features things like speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock and many other gauges. At the rear end, there is a small cargo bed with dimensions 16x33x9 (LxWxH). There are also a plenty of accessories available. Some of the most notable are safety nets, roof lights, windshield, sun screen canopy, remote control kill switch etc. The Avenger 150 is available in many color options. Those are Green-Camo, Yellow-Camo, White-Camo, Scorpion, Spider black, Spider Red, Black, Burgundy etc.

BMS Avenger 150 side viewBMS Avenger 150 engine and performances

This small UTV comes with 149.6cc single-cylinder engine. Although small, this unit provides enough power for great performances. The BMS Avenger 150 has max output of 8.5 horsepower. It combines air and oil cooling. When it is about transmission, there is a fully automatic transmission with reverse, which provides smooth ride.

BMS Avenger 150 price

Another great thing about this small UTV is price. The BMS Avenger 150 comes with very affordable price of 3300 dollars for base model.

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