Argo Tractor

This manufacturer is well-known for its amazing amphibious off-road vehicles, and this model called Argo Tractor is one of them. It is a special version of company’s 8×8 lineup, which offers amazing performances when it comes to hard terrains and similar things. This is a model that looks very close to other 8×8 models from the brand, but there are still many unique characteristics. Basically, this model comes with even better performances. It comes with highly-efficient engine and with plenty of other amazing characteristic that provide amazing results in terms of performances. It has capacity of up to six passengers and offers better capabilities when it comes payload and towing. This great vehicle also comes in several color options.

Argo Tractor design and features

Argo TractorAs we already mentioned, this is a special edition of company’s well-known 8×8 amphibious vehicle, which comes with even better characteristics. This model is designed for hardest terrains, an able to go over the water too. Great thing about Argo Tractor is that it can operate in all weather conditions, literally. Ground clearance is around 10 inches and all wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. Just like other models from lineup, it features a handle bar for steering, with all controls mounted. On the ground, this model can carry six passengers. On the other side, you can carry four passengers through the water. Instrumentation is digital. The Argo Tractor features an LCD digital gauge cluster with speedometer, odometer, voltmeter, hourmeter, tachometer and plenty of other indicators. There are several colors in offer. You can choose between Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Tundra, Olive Gray, Orange and Mossy Oak Infiniti Camo.

Argo Tractor side viewArgo Tractor engine and performances

The Argo Tractor features an extremely durable, but also highly efficient powertrain. It comes with 748cc V-twin engine. This unit comes with many advanced features like electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication and oil filter etc. Max output is around 30 horses. It comes in pair with Admiral triple differential transmission with High and Low selector, Forward, Neutral and Reverse.. It is worth to mention that company gives a three-year warranty of powertrain. Max speed of this vehicle is around 20 mph on the ground and 3 mph on water. When it comes to capacities, this model has max payload of 1000 pounds on ground, and around 850 on water. Max towing capacity is around 1800 pounds. Fuel capacity is 7.1 gallons.

Argo Tractor front view


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