2016 New Holland Rustler 115

With the 2016 New Holland Rustler 115, there is all about hard work. This model comes as one of several amazing side by side vehicles from this highly reputable company, which makes amazing agriculture vehicles and machines, but also well-known and praised in the world of construction. This is a base model from Rustler lineup. It comes with strong and rigid construction, which makes it capable for various hard tasks. Besides excellent working characteristics, it also features high level of comfort, so you can work all day long, without almost no fatigue. Finally, it comes with attractive price, customizable in many ways.

2016 New Holland Rustler 115 design and features

2016 New Holland Rustler 115 front viewThe 2016 New Holland Rustler 115 is a true workhorse. It is great for various kinds of hard work, and also capable to overcome almost every kind of terrain. It comes with heavy duty box construction frame, which provides amazing strength and rigidity. All parts of this UTV are made of extremely durable materials, which promises very long life service of this model. The 2016 New Holland Rustler 115 is the only model in class that comes with both front and rear independent suspension, which provide almost six inches of travel. Comfort is on a very high level on this UTV. For example, it features a 13-point adjustable driver’s seat, which means that you will surely find a position that will give you perfect ergonomics. Also, 2016 Rustler 115 could be driven after the sunset too, because there is a complete lighting package in offer, which includes headlights, taillight and turning signals. Behind the seats, you will find a cargo bed with capacity of over 420 pounds, while vehicles overall payload capacity is around 925 pounds.

2016 New Holland Rustler 115 side view2016 New Holland Rustler 115 engine and performances

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 115 features, but very efficient air-cooled petrol engine. It is a twin-cylinder unit, with displacement of 480 cc. Total output is 14 horsepower. With this amount of power, 2016 New Holland Rustler 115 can go up to 25 miles per hour. For even more convenience drive, this UTV is equipped with smooth CVT transmission. Fuel capacity is around 5.2 gallons.

2016 New Holland Rustler 115 warranty

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 115 comes with 2-year or 2000-hour limited warranty.

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