2016 John Deere RSX850i

The 2016 John Deere RSX850i is one of the most amazing hi-performance side by side vehicles available on the market. It comes with plenty of amazing features, which make it a fantastic off-road vehicle. For example, there things such as modern, motorcycle engine (first in industry), independent suspension on both ends, low center of gravity for excellent stability etc. The 2016 John Deere RSX850i is also amazing in terms of comfort. It comes with spacious and comfortable interior, and also with plenty of accessories in offer, which will provide even more convenience. If you add to all this company’s unbeatable reputation, it is clear that this is a real deal.

2016 John Deere RSX850i design

2016 John Deere RSX850i front viewThe 2016 John Deere RSX850i is a true hi-performance side by side. It comes with plenty of features which provide excellent off-road performances. First of all, this vehicle comes with extremely lightweight frame, which is important for great performances. Also, there is a four-wheel independent suspension, which provides unparalleled ride, which helps this UTV to overcome almost any kind of terrain. The 2016 RSX850i also has a very low center of gravity, which provides excellent stability even on hardest conditions. With ground clearance of over 10.5 inches, and suspension travel of 9 inches on both ends, excellent performances are guaranteed. Besides amazing performances, comfort is also on amazingly high level.

2016 John Deere RSX850i features

Besides comfortable and ergonomic seats, there are plenty of other conveniences such as several storage places, door latches etc. Instrument cluster is completely digital and displays things like system diagnostic light, engine oil pressure light, park brake light, seat belt indicator light, fuel level etc. The 2016 RSX850i features a 400-pound cargo bed, while overall payload capacity is around 800 pounds.

2016 John Deere RSX850i rear view2016 John Deere RSX850i engine and performances

The 2016 John Deere RSX850i is characterized by excellent performances. It comes powered with 839cc V-Twin engine, with four valves per cylinder. This liquid-cooled engine comes with Closed loop Electronic Fuel Injection. Total output of this engine is 62 horsepower. This amount of power provides excellent performances. We would just mention that top speed is 53 miles per hour. When it is about transmission, it comes with CVT clutch enclosure, with true locking 4WD with electronic locking front differential.

2016 John Deere RSX850i off-road2016 John Deere RSX850i price

The 2016 John Deere RSX850i has a starting price of around 12.000 dollars.

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