2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO

The 2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO could be you first choice, if you want some side by side that offers plenty of power in a compact package. This attractive UTV offers pretty much everything you need. It is a powerful and attractive-looking model, which also offers high level of comfort and plenty of other conveniences. Although if features plenty of power and excellent performances, it is still very simple and easy for maintenance. Also, it comes with plenty of optional features and accessories, which makes it highly customizable. The 2016 Zforce 500 HO is also very affordable UTV, if you look its characteristics.

2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO design

The 2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO comes with excellent balance between quality and price. It is a well-made UTV, which comes with solid construction. There is a plenty of strength and rigidity on this model, which promises excellent off-road abilities. When it comes to suspension, you will find an independent double A-arm on both ends. All wheels feature hydraulic disc brakes and high-pressure gas shocks. The 2016 Zforce 500 HO comes with 2-inch hitch and 3000-lbs winch as standard features. Stainless steel bumpers are also standard.

2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO front view2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO comfort

Besides excellent performances and rigid construction, 2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO also offers amazingly high level of comfort. It comes with comfortable bucket seating, which comes with 3-point seat belts. Along with adjustable steering wheel, you will get excellent ergonomics. Instrument panel is completely digital. Despite these expected features, 2016 Zforce 500 HO also comes with plenty of others that will provide great convenience. For example there are things like contoured roof, windshield, cargo and side nets and plenty of others. You can choose between Black and Red color finishes.

2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO engine

When it comes to performances, 2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO is just excellent. This model uses a highly-efficient single-cylinder 495cc engine. This unit comes with several advances features like Bosch electric fuel injection, ECU ignition, electric starter etc. Total output of this amazing engine is 38 horsepower and 32 pound-feet of torque. When it comes to transmission, this model uses a CVT with engine braking.

2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO price

One of the great things about 2016 CFMoto Zforce 500 HO is its price. This model offers fantastic balance between price and quality. Base model is available already at 8.800 dollars.

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