2016 Bennche Spire 800

The 2016 Bennche Spire 800 comes as one of the most popular products of this manufacturer. This side by side vehicle is designed for hard tasks. With plenty of power and excellent performances, it is just perfect for sand, rocks and other tough terrains. It is a product of the company which proudly underlines that its models are used by Texas Rangers. This model is a smaller one, from Spire series. However, it comes with plenty of benefits, like fuel injection, comfortable and well-equipped cabin, plenty of accessories, spacious cargo etc.

2016 Bennche Spire 800 design and features

2016 Bennche Spire 800 front viewAs we mentioned, 2016 Bennche Spire 800 comes well equipped. It is a hard-made machine, which is designed to overcome every terrain. With its strong chassis, it offers more than enough strength and rigidity, which is very welcome on the roads of Texas. Of course, this model is present in many other countries. The 2016 Spire 800 is excellent for hard work. It is also very comfortable. With wheelbase of 76.2 inches, it offers plenty of space for the passengers, and also a large cargo space. Total bed capacity is 400 lbs. This machine can two up to 2000 pounds. With ground clearances of 13 inches, and excellent Dual A-Arm suspension with Anti-Sway Bar, excellent off-road capabilities are guaranteed. The 2016 Spire 800 is also highly customizable. There are several choices, which will give you opportunity to create your own unique machine, according to your needs and taste. For example, there are accessories such as windshield, stereo roof etc. The 2016 Bennche Spire 800 is available in four colors. Those are Black, Burgundy, White and Camo.

2016 Bennche Spire 800 side view2016 Bennche Spire 800 engine and performances

The 2016 Bennche Spire 800 is all about performances. It comes with a four-stroke 800cc engine, with two cylinders. This engine comes with fuel injection, which provides significant benefits in terms of power and economy. Total output is around 55 horsepower. This engine comes with automatic transmission, which sends power to all wheels. The 2016 Spire 800 features several drive modes like 2WD, 4WD, shaft drive, differential lock etc. Fuel capacity is 7.6 gallons.

2016 Bennche Spire 800 rear view2016 Bennche Spire 800 price

The 2016 Bennche Spire 800 is already available on the market, and it has starting price of around 10.000 dollars. It comes with 12-month limited warranty.

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