Intimidator 800 Gas

This American manufacturer is known for excellent side by side vehicles, and Intimidator 800 Gas is one of most popular ones. It comes with plenty of great characteristics, and it is extremely versatile. This model could be used for various purposes. No matter if you need a model for work, hunt or just for fun, this UTV will give you amazing riding experience. With perfect quality and amazing performances, you will be absolutely delighted with this model. Besides excellent riding characteristics, this model also has high level of comfort and offers plenty of optional features and accessories, which makes it highly customizable.

Intimidator 800 Gas design and features

Intimidator 800 GasThe Intimidator 800 Gas designed to be extremely versatile machine. It comes with plenty of amazing characteristics. Its frame is made of steel, and provides high dose of strength and rigidity. So, you won’t have any trouble when it comes to hard work. On both ends, you will find a dual A-arm independent suspension with full 10 inches of travel, while ground clearance is around 12 inches. This model can be also used for hunting and fun. It comes with amazingly high level of comfort. It is available classic and crew variants, which means that you can choose between single-row or two-row seat models.

Intimidator 800 Gas crewThe Intimidator 800 Gas is also available with many accessories. You have a huge list in offer, and we will mention just some of the most notable accessories. For example, there are things like bumpers, full cab enclosure, roofs, mirrors, several types of gun racks, winch, stereo audio system, roof cargo rack, under seat storage compartment, several lighting bars etc. The Intimidator 800 Gas features an amazingly large cargo bed, with capacity of 1200 pounds. There are several colors in offer, such as Orange, Metallic Black, Od Green, Realtree Camo etc.

Intimidator 800 Gas rear viewIntimidator 800 Gas engine and performances

The Intimidator 800 Gas has excellent performances. This model is powered by a 799cc liquid cooled engine, with electric fuel injection and inductive discharge ignition. Total output of this engine is 64 horsepower and 54 pound-feet of torque. This amount of power provides amazing performances. For example, max speed is over 60 miles per hour. When it comes to hauling and towing, performances are also fantastic. The Intimidator 800 Gas can tow up to 2100 pounds, while max payload capacity is around 1600 pounds.

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