Club Car Villager 2 LSV

This company is a leader in many segments when it comes to side by side vehicles, especially when it is about electric powered engines. The Club Car Villager 2 LSV offers excellent characteristics in many aspects. Great thing about it is that it is street legal. So, you can use it not only for rides through golf terrains, but also for many other things, especially if you go in traffic. It is also environment-friendly vehicle, which comes with electric motor that is small but very efficient. At the end, Villager 2 LSV comes with very attractive price, and it is available with many optional features.

Club Car Villager 2 LSV design and features

Club Car Villager 2 LSV front viewThe Club Car Villager 2 LSV is a product from highly reputable company, which is known for amazing golf vehicles. This model offers something more. It is a side by side vehicle which is street legal. This means that you can go everywhere you want with it. It comes with beautiful, company’s recognizable, styling that comes with all of the details that you need for a ride in traffic. This model is compact in size and it is very easy to operate.

Villager 2 LSV body style

Besides that, Club Car Villager 2 LSV is a highly-sophisticated side by side, which comes not only with stylish appearance, but also with many other great features. Its frame is made of aluminum, which provides massive weight savings. It comes with capacity for 2 passengers, although 2+2 seating model could be configured too. With its 4.5 inches of ground clearance, it could be even used for some soft off-road drive. Independent suspension and hydraulic shocks are here to provide smooth and comfortable ride in Villager 2 LSV.

Club Car Villager 2 LSV side viewClub Car Villager 2 LSV engine and performances

The Club Car Villager 2 LSV is an environment-friendly side by side vehicle. It is powered by electric motor, which comes with 48-volt battery. So, max output of this configuration is around 14 horsepower. Although this amount of power looks quite modest, we would like to remind you that many parts of this vehicle are made of aluminum and other light materials. So, don’t be surprised when you see that Villager 2 LSV can go over 35 miles per hour.

Club Car Villager 2 LSV rear viewClub Car Villager 2 LSV price

The Club Car Villager 2 LSV has a starting price of 8.500 dollars. Also, It comes with 2-year warranty on vehicle and 4-year warranty on battery.

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