Club Car Precedent

With model like Club Car Precedent, you will take your golf activities and other kinds of recreation on a whole new level. These series of vehicles are well-known on the market for many reasons. They offer plenty of benefits, in various aspects. For example, this model looks very stylish, compared to other side by side golf vehicles. Besides its excellent look, it is an environment-friendly vehicle, since it features an all-electric powertrain. Also, there many other great things that will provide amazing riding experience. High level of comfort and plenty of features are some of them. Finally, this vehicle has very attractive price, and offers great balance between quality and sum that you paid.

Club Car Precedent design and features

Club Car Precedent frontThe Club Car Precedent will give you amazing riding experience, be sure. As we already mentioned, this model offers plenty of benefits. One of the main differences compared to other golf vehicles is frame. This model features an aluminum frame, which has many advantages compared to conventional steel frames. This model is lighter, stronger and this frame is rustproof and provides excellent stability. When it comes to interior, there are also many great things. This model is available in single and two-row variants, with capacity to 6 passengers. Inside, besides plenty of space and comfortable seats, you will find many great features. For example, there are new USB ports, which provide fast charging of your devices and many other great things. The Club Car Precedent also features a Monsoon Top canopy, which feature a unique drainage system, which will keep you dry in case of showers and similar things.

Club Car Precedent sideClub Car Precedent engine

As we already mentioned, this is an all-electric vehicle. It comes with new battery that significantly reduces consumption of electric power. This whole system is very reliable and durable. It is designed to handle with toughest weather condition and other situations. Also, you have information about charging, battery state and similar things. When it comes to drivetrain, Precedent has seven speed settings, and you can go in a speed range between 5 and 19 miles per hour.

Club Car Precedent 4seatClub Car Precedent warranty

The Club Car Precedent comes with great warranty plan. Warranty period for Batteries (25,000 amp hours), canopy, electronics, pedal group, seats and suspension is four years. On body panels three, while all remaining components have two-year warranty.

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