Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI

There are plenty of various UTVs on the market, but you will hardly find something like Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI. Moreover, pretty much all products of this company are pretty unique, and all of them are characterized by excellent performances, especially when it comes to off-road capabilities. This is the base model from the company. It is a 6×6 amphibious vehicle, which can literally take you to the any place you want. It can overcome any terrain, and even go across the water. Also, Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI features sophisticated engine with fuel injection, which provides both great performance and fuel economy.

Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI design and features

Argo 6x6 Frontier EFIThe Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI is the base model from the company’s 6×6 lineup. It is an amphibious vehicle, which can go through the all kind of terrains, and also cross the water. The whole idea was to create an affordable vehicle, which will be excellent for things like hunt, fishing and all other kinds of family fun. It has seating capacity for 4 passengers on land, and 2 on the water. It is a quiet comfortable vehicle, especially for the front passengers. Rear seats come with restriction of 140 lbs. When it is about cargo capacity, Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI can carry up to 700 lb on land, and 500 lbs on the water. It features a well-equipped cabin, with LCD instrument cluster, with Speedometer, Odometer, Voltmeter, Hour Meter, Tachometer, Low Oil Pressure and Parking Brake Reminder Lights, Check Engine Light etc. Interesting thing about Frontier EFI is that it features a handle bar instead of steering wheel. This model is available in various color options, such as Black, Blue, Red, Tundra, Yellow, Mossy Oak Infinity Camo, Olive Grey, Orange etc.

Argo 6x6 Frontier EFI side viewArgo 6×6 Frontier EFI performances

The Argo 6×6 Frontier EFI features excellent performances. When it is about engines, it is available in two variants. Base model comes with 694cc engine with 19 horses, while optional 747cc engine has max power of 23 hp. Both units feature fuel injection, which makes a huge impact when it comes to economy and low emissions. This engine is air-cooled, and it comes with electric starter. It has a towing capacity of 1200 lbs. On the other side, max speed is around 22 mph on the ground, and 3 mph on water.

Argo 6x6 Frontier EFI rear view

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