2017 Yamaha Viking

The 2017 Yamaha Viking is coming even better this August. With several improvements, this well-known UTV will be even more competitive, although it is already one of the leaders in class. When you have a model which is produced by company that has such reputation, there is no doubt that we will once again see one excellent model. According to company, this model will be an absolute class-leader in many aspects. It comes with quiet but powerful engine, which provides smooth ride. And, if you add to this high level of comfort, there is no doubt that this model will be one of your first choices.

2017 Yamaha Viking design and features

2017 Yamaha Viking front viewThe 2017 Yamaha Viking will be one of the best offers on the market. Although it is primarily a working machine, it is also characterized by excellent comfort. This well-made UTV has capacity for three passengers. Those seats are very comfortable and in excellent position, which driver’s seat is also adjustable. It is also worth to mention that company did a great job when it comes to noise reduction, which is surely an important segment when it comes to overall comfort. When it comes to control board, 2017 Yamaha Viking features a completely digital instrument panel. It is consisted of an LCD screen, which shows all necessary information such as speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, 4WD status, clock, gear position etc. At the rear end, you will find a large cargo bed, which is made of steel. It has capacity of 600 pounds.

2017 Yamaha Viking interior2017 Yamaha Viking engine

The 2017 Yamaha Viking will be characterized by excellent performances. This UTV will be powered by 686cc liquid-cooled engine. It is configured to provide plenty of torque in wide RPM range. This UTV also features a huge air intake capacity, which significantly improves overall performances. It comes with excellent Ultramatic transmission, which is definitely one of the most-advanced things on the UTV market. When it is about drive modes, you can choose between 2WD, limited slip 4WD, fully locked 4WD etc. It has capacity of 600 pounds. There is also a smaller storage in the cabin, where you can put your private things such as gloves, phone, wallets etc. The 2017 Viking also features in-dash cup holders, for even better comfort.

2017 Yamaha Viking release date and price

As we already mentioned, 2017 Yamaha Viking will come this August. Starting price will be around 12.000 dollars.

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