2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo

Here comes another model from the best-known series from Japanese manufacturer. This is 2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo, an amazing working machine, which offers amazing performances, great comfort and excellent Kawasaki quality. As you may know, this model came with significant updates few years ago, when we saw new engine, but also many other novelties. Despite that fact, company still continues to improve this model. It comes with plenty of amazing benefits in all aspects, and it will be great choice for you if you look for some very capable work machine. There are versions with one and two rows of seats, and there are plenty of accessories in offer. So, you can configure 2017 PRO FXT Camo in many ways.

2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo redesign and features

2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo front viewThe 2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo is a true workhorse. It comes with plenty of amazing features and it is definitely of the best models in class. It features company’s well-known and proven steel tube ladder type frame, which provides high dose of strength and rigidity. When it comes to suspension, you will find a double-wishbone configuration on both ends, with total travel of 8.7 inches on both ends. Also, it is worth to mention that all wheels feature hydraulic disc brakes. Ground clearance is 10.2 inches. Behind the seats, you will find a large cargo bed with capacity of 1000 pounds for single-row models. On the other side, 6-passenger variant features a bed with capacity of 350 pounds. Maximum payload capacity is around 1700 pounds.

2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo side view2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo interior

The 2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo offers a great comfort too. It comes in two configurations, for three or six passengers. In both cases, you will get plenty of room and high level of comfort. There are also many great conveniences. When it comes to instrumentation, 2017 PRO FXT Camo comes with completely digital display, with speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, hour meter, clock, dual trip meters, 2WD/4WD indicator, water temperature warning indicator, oil pressure warning indicator, and many other.

2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo rear view2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo engine

When it comes to engine, 2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo features an 812cc, three-cylinder engine, which comes with liquid cooling, electric fuel injection etc. It comes in pair with CVT transmission, with engine braking. This combination provides great capabilities in various aspects. Max towing capacity is 2000 pounds.

2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo price

The 2017 Mule PRO FXT Camo starts at 16.000 dollars.

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