2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6

The 2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 is one of the most capable side by sides on the market. Its name speaks for itself, it features a 6WD drive system. So, we can consider this model as some kind of HD UTV. It is an ultimate work machine, which will give you excellent working performances and high level of comfort. It also comes with company‚Äôs great reputation and excellent quality. There are many fantastic things about this model. It comes with great design, which provides not only a great capabilities, but also many other conveniences. It is a well-designed machine, which comes with high comfort and plenty of accessories, which will give you many possibilities.

2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 design and features

2016 Polaris Ranger 6x6 front viewThe 2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 is a utility side by side, which is designed primarily for hard work. It comes with 6×6 configuration, which brings many benefits when it comes to overall working performances and off-road capabilities. Not only that you get better results when it comes to towing and payload, but you also get better characteristics in off-road drive. This mode features a dual A-arm suspension, with 9.6 inches of travel at front and 9 inches at the rear end. When it comes to capabilities, this model comes with huge cargo bed, with total capacity of 1250 pounds. This box also features a gas-assist dumping operation. Max payload is around 2000 pounds. Finally, when it comes to towing, 2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 is also good for about 2000 pounds.

2016 Polaris Ranger 6x6 side view2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 comfort and convenience

Despite it is primarily a hard-working machine, 2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 also offers high level of comfort. There are two comfortable seats, with headrests as standard feature. Ergonomics is also on the high level. You also get an extra legroom and tilt steering with the range of motion of full 10 inches. This UTV comes with completely digital instrumentation, with speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Tripmeter, Hour Meter, Clock, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge etc. It comes in two color finishes, Sage Green and Avalanche Grey.

2016 Polaris Ranger 6x6 rear view2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 engine

All these great capabilities come thanks to the powerful 760cc twin-cylinder engine, which comes with electric fuel injection, liquid cooling etc. It has max output of 40 horsepower and comes in pair with Automatic PVT transmission.

2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 price

The 2016 Polaris Ranger 6×6 has a starting price of 12.600 dollars.

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