2016 New Holland Rustler 125

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 125 is a top model from company’s well-known Rustler series. There are also models like 115 and 120, but this one is the best when it comes to overall characteristics. It is designed primarily as working machine, but it could be used for many other purposes too. With company’s excellent reputation and high quality, it is no wonder that this model is very popular on the market. It comes with excellent balance between quality and price, and offers plenty of benefits, such as strong construction, high level of comfort, great performances and attractive price.

2016 New Holland Rustler 125 design and features

2016 New Holland Rustler 125 front viewAs we already mentioned, 2016 New Holland Rustler 125 is a top model from this company, when it comes to UTVs. It comes with plenty of amazing features. For example, its frame is model completely of rust-proof and non-corrosive aluminum. This construction provides significant benefits when it comes to weight savings, which eventually has huge effect on overall performances. This versatile side by side is available in two variants, with one or two rows of seats. Front suspension is independent dual A-arm, while at the rear you will find a swing arm suspension. All wheels come with hydraulic disc brakes.

2016 New Holland Rustler 125 comfort and capacities

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 125 has not only amazing performances, but also comes with high level of comfort. It comes with bench-seating configuration, which provides excellent ergonomics and comfort for an all-day ride. When about cargo bed, 2-seat model has cargo bed with capacity of 1050 pounds, while 4-passenger model comes with bed that has capacity of 820 pounds. Overall payload capacity is around 1450 pounds for 2-passenger model, while crew model is good for about 1600 pounds.

2016 New Holland Rustler 125 rear view2016 New Holland Rustler 125 engine and performances

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 125 comes with a simple but very efficient powertrain. This model is powered by a 675cc twin-cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine, which has max output of 23 horsepower. It comes paired with automatic transmission, which delivers power to all wheels. This combination provides great performances. For example, max speed is over 30 mph, while overall payload capacity is up to 1600 pounds, as we already mentioned.

2016 New Holland Rustler 125 price

When it is about price, 2016 New Holland Rustler 125 is available at slightly less than 14.000 dollars. It comes with two-year or 2000-hour limited warranty.

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