2016 New Holland Rustler 120

This highly reputable manufacturer offers a plenty of vehicles of different types, and 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 is one of three UTVs that are available. All models belong to the same series called Rustler, and all of them come with main task to provide excellent working capabilities. This model comes with diesel engine, which should provide some additional benefits, along with other amazing characteristics, which make this model excellent for various tasks. No matter if you are a farmer or you have a large property, or if you even play some outdoor sports, 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 will be an excellent solution for you.

2016 New Holland Rustler 120 design and features

2016 New Holland Rustler 120 front viewAs we already mentioned, 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 is a versatile vehicle, which is designed to provide excellent working characteristics. It is available both in variants with two or four seats. It is primarily a workhorse so, it has total payload capacity of 1200 pounds. A four-seat version comes with even stronger suspension, and can carry up to 1600 pounds. Wheelbase is 81.5 inches for 2-seater, and 114 inches for 4-seat version. In both cases, cabin is very spacious, and provides plenty of room for all passengers. Both variants feature the same size of cargo bed, which has total capacity of 800 pounds. Besides excellent working characteristics, 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 also features a high level of comfort. There is not only a plenty of space. There is also many accessories such as cab heating kit, fan defogger, dash mount speedometer, radio, toolbox and cargo cage. For some extra comfort, there are also optional features, such as 13-point adjustable bucket seat, which will surely provide excellent seating position and ergonomics.

2016 New Holland Rustler 120 side view2016 New Holland Rustler 120 engine and performances

As we already mentioned before, these series of UTVs are available in three variants. The 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 comes with a diesel-powered engine. It is a 719cc liquid-cooled diesel engine, which has total output of 20 horses. Since it is a diesel-powered, one of benefits, besides better fuel economy. It also has more torque, which is very important, since this is primarily a working machine. When it is about transmission, 2016 Rustler 120 comes with a smooth-shifting CVT, makes ride more comfortable and much easier.

2016 New Holland Rustler 1202016 New Holland Rustler 120 price

The 2016 New Holland Rustler 120 has a starting price somewhere around 16.000 dollars.

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