2016 Kymco UXV 700i

The 2016 Kymco UXV 700i is one of the most popular UTVs on the market, and that isn’t so much surprise, if we consider excellent reputation of this manufacturer. This model is excellent working machine. It is designed primarily for work, but it is versatile and can be used for many other purposes. Besides powerful engine and strong construction, this model is characterized by many other great things. It is a great looking UTV, which is available in several colors. Comfort is on a high level as well. There are also many accessories in offer, so you can configure your own model in many ways.

2016 Kymco UXV 700i design and features

2016 Kymco UXV 700iAs we already mentioned, 2016 Kymco UXV 700i is a true workhorse. It comes with plenty of amazing features, and it is very versatile and could be used for many purposes. It comes with strong construction, which provides amazing level of rigidity and strength. This UTV features an independent dual A-arm suspension with 7.5 inches of travel on both ends. Ground clearance is 12.2 inches, which is another factor that makes this model excellent for off-road drive.

2016 Kymco UXV 700i interior

When it is about comfort, 2016 Kymco UXV 700i features a pair of car-like bucket seats, with headrests as standard feature. These seats are not just comfortable, but also with perfect ergonomics, which means that you can ride this model all day long without fatigue. Besides these excellent seats, there are many other conveniences inside. This UTV features a completely digital multi-functional display and also a 12V power outlet. There are also several storage compartments, such as under the hood or under seats, and there is also a locking glove box. The 2016 UXV 700i is available in Green, Red and Orange colors.

2016 Kymco UXV 700i rear view2016 Kymco UXV 700i engine and performances

The 2016 Kymco UXV 700i has excellent performances. It uses an efficient 695cc engine, which comes with advances features such as electric fuel injection, liquid cooling and electric starter. Total output of this engine, which comes paired with CVT transmission, is 45 horsepower. The 2016 UXV 700i features a cargo bed with capacity of 420 pounds, while max towing capacity is around 1200 pounds.

2016 Kymco UXV 700i front view2016 Kymco UXV 700i price

The 2016 Kymco UXV 700i has a starting price is around 9000 dollars, and comes with one-year limited factory warranty.

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