2016 Kymco UXV 450i

Although it comes in small pack, 2016 Kymco UXV 450i will give you a lot. This highly reputable company is well-known for various kinds of vehicles, and all of them are just excellent. This side by side is not exception at all. Moreover, it comes with a highest level of quality, and it is characterized by great performance, high level of comfort, and plenty of other amazing things. With its attractive look and company’s excellent reputation, it will surely be one of your first choices. It is also worth to mention that 2016 Kymco UXV 450i comes with plenty of accessories and that is a highly customizable side by side vehicle.

2016 Kymco UXV 450i design and features

2016 Kymco UXV 450i front viewYou will definitely find interesting to see what 2016 Kymco UXV 450i can all do. This side by side is excellent when it comes two capabilities. It is designed to be extremely versatile, it you will be able to use it both for work and fun. It comes with strong construction, which provides excellent working characteristics. With 10 inches ground clearance and 7.5 inches of suspension travel on both ends, this model will be capable to overcome almost every kind of hard terrain. Besides great off-road characteristic, 2016 Kymco UXV 450i is also a great-looking UTV. It comes with beautiful shape and with plenty of details that make its appearance even more attractive. There are things such as alloy wheels, dual LED headlights, dual halogen taillights etc. Inside, you will find a high level of comfort. There are comfortable and perfectly positioned seats, plenty of legroom, headroom etc. The 2016 UXV 450i features a beautiful multi-functional display, which features all of the instruments that you need. There are also things like 12V power outlet, several storage places etc. This great UTV is available in Red, Blue and Black.

2016 Kymco UXV 450i rear view2016 Kymco UXV 450i engine

The 2016 Kymco UXV 450i uses a 443cc four-stroke engine, which comes with electric fuel injection. Although with modest displacement, it is very efficient. It has an amazing total output of 33 horsepower, which is more than enough for excellent performances. Behind the seats, you will find a tilt cargo box, which has capacity of 420 pounds. When it is about towing, this UTV is very capable too. It has capacity of over 1000 pounds.

2016 Kymco UXV 450i price

The 2016 Kymco UXV 450i has a starting price of 8000 dollars, and comes with one-year limited warranty. This great UTV is available in Red, Blue and Black

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