2016 Hisun Sector 750

The 2016 Hisun Sector 750 is definitely one of the most versatile UTVs in class. This model is designed to satisfy your needs, no matter if you have to work or just to have some off-road fun. It comes with excellent characteristics in all aspects. It combines hard utility construction with race-like Level Flight suspension and powerful engine. Besides amazing performances, this is also a great-looking machine. It comes with modern look, characterized by sharp lines and plenty of attractive details such as aluminum wheels, LED lights and similar things, which are available already on base model.

2016 Hisun Sector 750 design

2016 Hisun Sector 750As we already mentioned, 2016 Hisun Sector 750 will surely give you an amazingly high dose of versatility. It is great both for work and fun. There is a truck-like steel frame, which provides high dose of strength and rigidity. On the other side, there are plenty of features that will provide amazing off-road performances. For example, there is a double A-arm suspension on both ends, which comes with amazingly long travel. Gas assisted shocks are standard. The 2016 Hisun Sector 750 is also a great looking machine. It comes with attractive look, with sharp lines and great aerodynamics.

2016 Hisun Sector 750 features

There are also plenty of features that improve its appearance significantly. For example, there are aluminum wheels, LED lights, windshield, roof and many other things. All these things come already in standard package. There are also optional features like electronic power steering, turning signals etc. The 2016 Sector 750 is also very comfortable UTV. It features bench seat configuration, which is perfectly positioned and with adjustable steering wheel provides excellent ergonomics. When it is about instrumentation, there is nice combination of analog and digital elements, with the pretty much all information needed. Behind the bench, you will find a large cargo bed with capacity of 500 pounds.

2016 Hisun Sector 750 dashboard2016 Hisun Sector 750 engine and performances

The 2016 Hisun Sector 750 has excellent performances. It uses a large single-cylinder 735cc engine, which comes with advanced features such as Delphi electronic fuel injection, liquid cooling, electric starter etc. Transmission is automatic CVT, which delivers power to all wheels, with locking differential. Maximum towing capacity is 1200 pounds, while fuel capacity is 7.9 gallons.

2016 Hisun Sector 750 rear view2016 Hisun Sector 750 price

The 2016 Hisun Sector 750 has a starting price of 10.000 dollars, and comes in several color options such as White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Vista Camo.

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