2016 Hisun Sector 250

If you are not so experienced UTV rider, or you just need some smaller model for everyday works and fun, 2016 Hisun Sector 250 could be just perfect solution for you. This side by side comes with compact dimension, and it is designed both for work and fun. Although it comes with very affordable price, it is one well-designed machine, which is tough and ready for all kinds of work and fun. Moreover, it comes with high level of comfort, and surprisingly attractive look. At the end, there is small engine, which is simple but very efficient, and also very easy for maintenance.

2016 Hisun Sector 250 design and features

2016 Hisun Sector 250 front viewAs we already mentioned, 2016 Hisun Sector 250 will give you amazing features and characteristics for the money. It comes with very strong construction, which makes it suitable for various hard terrains. When it is about suspension, you will find and independent dual A-arm at the front, and swing arm suspension at the rear end. Ground clearance is around 8 inches. One of the most amazing things about this UTV is its look, which is absolutely amazing. The 2016 Hisun Sector 250 comes with attractive lines and overall shape, and also comes with amazing features such as LED headlights, aluminum wheels that come as standard feature, roof, windshield, turn signals etc. Inside this UTV, you will find an instrument panel, which combines analog and digital elements, and comes with various gauges. At the back, you will find a nice cargo bed, with capacity of 250 pounds. Max towing capacity is 500 pounds. The 2016 Sector 250 is available in various color options, such as Black, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Vista Camo and others.

2016 Hisun Sector 250 rear view2016 Hisun Sector 250 engine

The 2016 Hisun Sector 250 is powered with 229cc air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder engine. Despite small displacement, this engine is very efficient, and has more than enough power for some lighter towing and hauling. As we already mentioned, max towing capacity is around 500 pounds. The 2016 Sector 250 comes equipped with CVT transmission, and 2WD configurations, with Low, High, Neutral and Reverse (L H N R). Fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons.

2016 Hisun Sector 250 price

The 2016 Hisun Sector 250 definitely offers a lot for the money. Definitely one of the “best buy” models in class. It is available already for about 4.800 dollars, and comes with one-year warranty.

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