2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart

We used on excellent vehicle from this highly-reputable manufacturer, but 2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart is something completely different. It is a side by side with design primarily for golf terrains. It comes with excellent characteristics just like all Hisun models. Besides excellent quality, it comes in a big style. With its attractive look and environment-friendly powertrain, it will surely be the first choice for many potential customers. It also features amazingly high level of comfort, although it comes in very compact size. So, if you want a golf vehicle, 2016 Pulse Golf Cart will be excellent choice. It features excellent quality, attractive price and comes with plenty of options for better customization.

2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart design

2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart front viewThe 2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart come with excellent design. It is perfect for golf terrains. There are many great features and one of them is size. This mode is compact in size, which makes it easy to handle and operate, even if you don’t have much experience. It also comes with Shock Absorber Plate Spring and vibration dampers on both ends. Together with four inches of ground clearance, this provides very smooth ride in all conditions. Construction is solid, but also light. Total weight, including batteries, is less than 1000 pounds. Great thing about 2016 Pulse Golf Cart is that you can choose various color options. There are White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Vista Camo finishes.

2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart comfort

The 2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart will give you amazing comfort. There is a highly comfortable seating, which comes in bench configuration. All materials inside are made very well, featuring great quality. When it comes to cargo space, this model doesn’t feature a bed, but there are several spots inside the cabin where you can put your personal belongings and similar things. Instrumentation is completely digital.

2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart rear view2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart engine

As you may, 2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart is an electric vehicle. It comes with 48V battery, and total output is somewhere around 5 horses. This might not sound as enough, but this side by side goes very well, and riding is amazingly smooth.

2016 Hisun Pulse Golf Cart price

Another great thing about this model is price. It is very affordable, since starting price is around 7.000 dollars. As we already mentioned, there are many color choices like White, Black, Blue, Red etc.

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