2016 CubCadet Challenger 500

If you search for some UTV which has great performances, attractive price, simple and rugged construction, and also doesn’t demand much of a maintenance, 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 might be just perfect for you. This is an entry-level from the company’s Challenger lineup or, better to say it was, since company presented a new Challenger 400. Anyway, performances of this UTV are excellent. It comes with plenty of benefits that improve riding experience. It comes with things like efficient engine, reinforced frame, digital instrumentation etc. The 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 is also highly customizable, and comes with extremely long list of features, both standard and optional.

2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 design and features

2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 mainThe 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 is a versatile UTV. It provides not only great performances in all conditions, but also comfortable and full of convenience ride. It comes with plenty of characteristics that improve working capabilities. For example, it comes with reinforced steel frame. This provides high dose of strength and rigidity, which is one of the base things for great performances. The 2016 Challenger 500 is one well-equipped side by side. It comes with plenty of amazing features already in standard package.

When it is about visual appearance, standard features are things like aluminum alloy wheels, halogen lights, roof, two-piece windshield, turning signals etc. When it is about interior, there are two car-like bucket seats, with headrests as standard, which are perfectly positioned and give excellent ergonomics. Instrumentation is completely digital. Behind the seats, you will find a nice dump cargo bed, with capacity of 350 pounds, and bed liner as standard feature. When it is about accessories, there are things like rear dust panel, cab enclosure, snow blade, grab handle kit etc. The 2016 Challenger 500 is available in two color choices – Vista G2 Camo and Yellow.

2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 rear view2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 engine and performances

The 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 comes with simple but efficient engine. It is a 471cc liquid cooled, four stroke unit, which is designed especially for the off-road ride, and provides plenty of power in all ranges. It also comes with advanced systems such as electronic fuel injection. Transmission is enclosed CVT, with High, Low, Neutral and Reverse gears. When it is about towing, max capacity is around 1200 pounds. Fuel capacity is 7.6 gallons.

2016 CubCadet Challenger 5002016 CubCadet Challenger 500 price

The 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500 has a starting price of 8.500 dollars, and comes with one-year limited warranty.

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2 Responses to 2016 CubCadet Challenger 500

  1. Jimmy Burge says:

    We bought challenger 500 a cub cadet. It was delivered by another location than where we bought it. He showed me where to check oil and that was end of instruction .I dont think it is running right. Called the service department and was told bring it in but the shop had already 5 tractors and could not get it in. I told him if you backed down a incline you could not get it back up. It does not have the power to climb a hill when you get to it without putting the engine on the floor.

    • LeRoy Tulenchik says:

      I have a 2015 700! I’m not very happy with!!in 200 miles I took to the dealer
      In Hackensack, Mn. Where I bought it! For a oil leak and service. 4 weeks later it was supposed to be done,got it home, checked oil? It was not filled to full! Called dealer! No help at all! Said I didn’t known how to check it??
      I read it out of the book for him, said I was not right! BS!
      Mine just don’t seem To have power?
      And the dealer in Hackensack, Mn, had no clue how to fix it!!
      Very disappointed! Would. Never buy another cub cadet

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