2016 Bobcat 3650

If you are looking for an ultimate working machine, 2016 Bobcat 3650 will definitely be one of your main choices. This model offers amazing working characteristics without any compromise. It is an amazing vehicle, designed by highly-reputable manufacturer, which is well-known in the UTV world. This particular model comes with plenty of amazing benefits. It is an amazing vehicle that offers excellent performances and working characteristics. There is also a high level of comfier. So, 2016 3650 is also excellent for all-day work. Finally, there is a whole bunch of accessories, which make this UTV highly customizable. You can configure this side by side in many ways, according to your preferences.

2016 Bobcat 3650 redesign and features

2016 Bobcat 3650 front viewThe 2016 Bobcat 3650 is an amazing working machine, a true ultimate workhorse. This model comes with plenty of benefits in many aspects. As we already mentioned, it is primarily a hard-working machine. It comes with amazingly strong construction, and with amazing numbers when it comes to towing and payload. Behind the seats, you will find a large cargo box made of composite materials, with capacity of 1250 pounds. When it comes to towing, 2016 Bobcat 3650 is good for about 2000 pounds. There are also many amazing features that provide better versatility. For example, there is a Multi-Attachment X-Charge. With this feature, you can use various kinds of attachments for your UTV. There are also things like integrated accessory system, integrated snow blade and many others.

2016 Bobcat 3650 rear view2016 Bobcat 3650 comfort

The 2016 Bobcat 3650 comes with high level of comfort. It features spacious cabin, with plenty of room even for tallest riders. Controls are highly operator-friendly, while instrument panel comes in traditional manner. This modular cab comes with standard features like rear-hinged doors, tilt and power steering, seat belts, and two 12-volt plugins etc. Also, this amazing UTV features a heated and air conditioning, which means that you will stay comfortable in any kind of weather condition.

2016 Bobcat 36502016 Bobcat 3650 engine

The 2016 Bobcat 3650 features a 1.0 liter liquid-cooled diesel engine, which has max output of 24 horsepower. This amount of power is enough for max speed of 30 miles per hour, while total payload is almost 2000 pounds.

2016 Bobcat 3650 price

This amazing UTV has starting price somewhere around 20.000 dollars.

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