2016 Bobcat 3400XL

There are many great UTVs, but you will hardly find so versatile model as 2016 Bobcat 3400XL is. This side by side vehicle is designed to provide a wide spectrum of possibilities. It is designed as a true working machine, but it come with a place for six people. So, if you have a big crew to carry, this will be a perfect model for you. Amazing thing about this model is that, although there is two rows of seats, it doesn’t reduce any other ability of the vehicle. The 2016 Bobcat 3400XL features excellent performances, high level of comfort, and even a large cargo space.

2016 Bobcat 3400XL design and features

2016 Bobcat 3400XL front viewThe 2016 Bobcat 3400XL definitely consolidates all amazing benefits of UTV. This is one of the most versatile models on the market. It is designed to carry six passengers, but two rows of seats doesn’t have effect on cargo space at all. Thanks to long wheel base, thins side by side features a huge cargo box at the back. One of the largest in class. Total space is 15.6 cubic feet. The 2016 Bobcat 3400XL is also leader in many other aspects, when it comes to capabilities. Payload capacity is 1250 pounds, while max towing capacity is around 2000 pounds.

2016 Bobcat 3400XL comfort

Besides excellent working characteristics, this UTV also features a high level of comfort. There are plenty of amazing features, such as power steering, 12V power outlets, heating and air conditioning and many other. When it is about instrumentation, 2016 Bobcat Wildcat 3400XL combines analog and digital elements. It comes with speedometer, hour meter, tachometer, service indicators and many others. This amazing UTV also features a plenty of accessories and optional features, which will even more improve versatility of the vehicle. There are things like working lights, backup alarm, snowblade etc.

2016 Bobcat 3400XL rear view2016 Bobcat 3400XL engine

The 2016 Bobcat 3400XL is available with two engines. Base model comes with 570cc petrol engine, which has max power of 40 hp. There is also a 1.0 liter diesel unit, which outputs 24 horsepower. There are also two transmission choices. You can choose between advanced CVT, and conventional, but extremely reliable hydrostatic transmission. There are several drive modes – 2WD, 4WD, turf, differential lock etc. Fuel capacity is 10 gallons.

2016 Bobcat 3400XL2016 Bobcat 3400XL price

The 2016 Bobcat 3400XL has a starting price of around 14.500 dollars.

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