2016 Bennche Spire 1000

The 2016 Bennche Spire 1000 is an UTV capable for various things. It is a versatile vehicle, which can be used for different things, when it comes to work, fun or something else. This is a top model from Spire series. It features a large and powerful 1000cc-class engine, which provides plenty of power and excellent results when it comes to towing, hauling and similar things. It is also a very comfortable UTV, which is great for all-day work. Finally, great thing about it is that there are many optional features and accessories that make this model highly customizable, no matter which are your preferences.

2016 Bennche Spire 1000 design and features

2016 Bennche Spire 1000 front viewAs we already mentioned, this side by side is highly versatile vehicle, which can be used for various purposes. It is excellent for work, but also amazing for fun. It comes with plenty of benefits. The 2016 Bennche Spire 1000 comes with amazing characteristics. It features light but hard construction, which provides high dose of strength and rigidity. When it comes to suspension, you get dual A-arm on both ends. Ground clearance is 13 inches. All wheels feature dual ventilated disc brakes. Inside the cabin, you will find very comfortable seating. The 2016 Spire 1000 features two car-like bucket seats, which are perfectly positioned and provide excellent ergonomic. Electric power steering is optional feature. Behind the seats you will find a cargo bed with capacity of 350 pounds. This UTV comes in several colors, such as Black, Red, White, Yellow etc.

2016 Bennche Spire 1000 side view2016 Bennche Spire 1000 engine

When it comes to powertrain, 2016 Bennche Spire 1000 is just amazing. It features a 976cc four-stroke twin-cylinder engine, which comes with many advanced features. There are things like electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, liquid cooling etc. Total output is around 65 horsepower. Transmission is automatic, with L, H, N, R, P positions. Fuel capacity is 7.6 gallons. When it comes to capabilities, this UTV can tow up to 1700 pounds, while max payload is around 1500 pounds.

2016 Bennche Spire 1000 rear view2016 Bennche Spire 1000 price

The 2016 Bennche Spire 1000 has a starting price of 13.500 dollars. There are also plenty of accessories in offer, like roof, windshield, doors, light bars etc. Electronic power steering is also optional. When it is about colors, there are Black, Red, White and Yellow finishes. It is also worth to mention that this UTV comes with 12-month limited factory warranty.

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