2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS

The 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS is definitely one of the most amazing electric UTVs available on the market. It is a true working machine, which is excellent in all aspects. Not only that it will give you great performances, it also comes with high level of comfort, and capacity for four passengers. There are many amazing things about this UTV. It comes with electric motor, it features strong HSS frame, smooth suspension etc. It is also a great-looking side by side, with plenty of beautiful details. Finally, 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS is also a highly customizable machine, which could be configured in many ways.

2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS design and features

2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS mainThe 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS is a versatile UTV, great both for work and fun. It comes with plenty of amazing features. For example, its frame is made of high strength steel (HSS), which has many advantages. This means not only strong, but also light construction, which is crucial for excellent performances. The 2016 Recoil IS features a four wheel independent suspension, which provides smooth ride and excellent off-road capabilities. When it is about comfort, this UTV comes with four racing-like bucket seats, with headrests.

Cabin is extremely spacious, and there is a lot of room both for front and rear passengers. Behind the bed, you will find a cargo bed with capacity of 500 pounds. The 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS comes with In-Dash Battery Status Indicator and 12V DC Outlet. There are also plenty of accessories so, you can customize your model in many ways. We would mention just some of them, such as 3500 winch, single LED row light bar, gun grips, premium brush guard etc. The 2016 Recoil IS is available in several color choices. There are standard colors like Matte Black, Red and White, but also and colors like Realtree Max-5 and Realtree Xtra.

2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS side view2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS engine and performance

The 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS is an electric UTV. It comes with a 72V Battery System | 9-8V Heavy-Duty Deep Cycle Batteries, and two electric motors, each for front and rear wheels. This model provides a full-time 4WD. Total output is around 38 horsepower, which is more than enough for excellent performances. Vehicle charge time is between 8 and 12 hours, depending on conditions.

2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS price

The 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS has a starting price of 15.000 dollars.

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